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Print Screen Deluxe makes it easy to capture, save, and print screenshots
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Lynn Muth I have used Print Screen Deluxe for at least 8 years, from Windows 3.1 through Vista OS versions, for business and home needs. I have not explored all of its capabilities but it certainly is a great program for me and reasonably priced.
What more would I like to see PSD do? (Note that I haven't upgraded from version 6 yet.) When a web page disappears below the active screen I wish PSD could capture the whole page; but I don't know of any print screen utility that can do that. I wish the tray button could access more settings. I have to restart Print Screen Deluxe if I want access to all settings.
FYI: I usually save my printscreens as JPEGs, then run them through MS Office Picture Manager or another graphics editor to crop or improve the quality of the image, especially if I am saving a photo. 108dpi seems to be the native resolution of PSD captures--which works for me. My choice for saving printscreens is in My Documents in a folder I call TempScreens.
Enjoy, LM

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